How I Started as a Photographer

Picture 7 300x300 How I Started as a Photographer

I’ve been working as a photographer since early 1974

I’ve been working as a photographer since early 1974. I joined an outfit called LFI or London Features International owned by John Hallsal , business man and Mike Putland ,Photographer  and also my mentor. Mike photographed the likes of The Who, Led Zeppelin, Stones you name them Mike was there. I left in early 1975 had my own Photographic Studio ( if you could call it that ) out of London doing local moody Black and White portraits. Rejoined LFI in 1976 only to leave again 1979 and joined forces with Photographer Paul Cox who was also worked at L.F.I. at the time .John Hallsal let us work out of his darkroom  for a while but only if we put our syndication through him/LFI which we did. LFI was the biggest and best photo library in London.

Photographic Studio over in Belgravia

In early 1981 Paul and I found a Photographic Studio over in Belgravia, 32 Chester Square a very posh address, don’t you know. The so called studio was really just a large-ish room which we rented of a guy that was house sitting before they refurbished it. Sort of a posh squat only we weren’t squatting. I’m sure the local people thought we were up to no good with all the foot traffic going in and out. Human League, Pretenders, Softcell, Steve Strange, Boy George to name but a few were photographed there. At that time Record Company’s would normaly commission fashion photographers to shoot Album Covers. So we made huge efforts to convince them otherwise that we could do better. Then came Fulham . We found an empty industrial unit in Farm Lane in late 1982, this was to be our first serious Photographic Studio which was about 1500 sq ft. We photographed Paul Young, Howard Jones, Dead or Alive, The Cure, Nic Kershaw, The Underworld, Leval 42, Trcaey Ullman, Madness amongst many. That lasted until 1986 and myself and Paul went out own ways Myself of to Paddington into a mews studio. Still more on that later. prints for sale

2 Responses to How I Started as a Photographer

  1. tony taylor says:

    Did you ever take any photos of 80s singer Kelly marie?
    all the best

  2. Dave Varley says:

    Hello simon
    ive been a massive Queen Fan for 30 years now
    my favourite show was elland road leeds 1982
    i saw a great photo you took in a paper reporting on the Queen show in leeds in 1982
    Do you have any photos available from the show please?
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Dave Varley

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